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As a product-loving girl myself, it’s funny to me that I wound up married to one of the most low-maintenance people I know. Mike is one of those people that can get away with “washing his face” by letting the soap run down off his head in the shower (and his skin is *perfect*) and doing his own haircuts at home. Meanwhile, I’m over here with 5 different face masks, a complete morning and evening skincare routine, and a regular hair maintenance appointment. We’re a good balance to one another!

He’ll occasionally make note of some dry skin or make a quick comment about his beard and I’ve learned to take note whenever he does. There’s about a 95% chance he wouldn’t do anything about it by himself, so I’ve learned to pick up or order products for him to try out every once in awhile. Most recently, I got him a new beard oil to try! He’s been wearing his beard longer this year (I love it!) and briefly mentioned trying a beard oil to help minimize some of the “scruff”. I love a good “treat yo’self” beauty product for myself, so I thought he could use one, too. I got him the Murdock London Beard Oil from Nordstrom and he loves it! He uses it a couple times a week.

While I was ordering the beard oil, I added this Jack Black The Supreme Shave Set to my cart. With winter coming, I figured he could use a new moisturizer for when he gets any dry skin. It also comes with a scrub and a shave lather – both of which he’ll use.

Whether the man in your life is interested in trying out products or you want to give him a little leg up in the skincare/toiletry department, Nordstrom is a great place to start! From Kiehl’s to Jack Black, there are a variety of great brands that are sure to get his stamp of approval.

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Seen above are just a few of my recommendations! Browse Nordstrom’s entire collection of men’s grooming products here.

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.

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