Corn Salsa: An Easy Summer Appetizer

One of my favorite ways to eat in the summer is just grazing on some good snacks and appetizers. Homemade guacamole, a cheese plate, taco dip…you name it, I’ll be standing by it and eating. This corn salsa is something that my mom started making a few years ago. It’s always a hit! It’s light, refreshing, and filled with good flavors. The best part is that it’s one of those recipes you can tweak to your taste. You can’t mess it up!

I like using fresh cooked corn, but you can certainly used canned/frozen, too. If using frozen or fresh, just cook it before mixing with the other ingredients. I usually eyeball the ingredients, but I’ve included some measurements. You can also add in a bit of fresh lime juice for a little extra bite!

I serve it with Tostitos Scoops, since you can get a nice heaping scoop in just one chip! I serve it fresh, but it will also keep in your refrigerator for a couple days…if you don’t eat it all by then!

Let me know if you make it!

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  1. 5.28.21
    Lynn said:

    I make the exact same, but instead of the dressing I just use lime juice. It’s healthier and that lime flavor is amazing!

  2. 5.28.21
    Rachel said:

    Do you cook the corn first?

    • 5.28.21
      Lauren said:

      Yes! I’ll add that note – I didn’t realize that eating raw corn was a thing until I was asked this question a couple times, haha!

  3. 5.28.21
    Wendy said:

    Do you want boil the corn first fir corn salsa – I’m assuming 😉

    • 5.28.21
      Lauren said:

      Yep, definitely want cooked corn!

  4. 5.29.21
    Janine said:

    Making this tomorrow! Excited to try and it’s so easy to make! Thanks for sharing

  5. 5.30.21

    nom nom

  6. 5.30.21
    Marissa Prevett said:

    Ohh that sounds delicious! We make a similar recipe, the ingredients are the same except we add black eyed peas, cucumber, and green pepper. Next time I’m going to add lime juice!

  7. 7.3.21
    Leticia said:

    I’ve made this twice now. My family loves it!