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Did you register for wedding gifts when you got married? We registered at Crate & Barrel and Amazon. I remember feeling overwhelmed by the process and not knowing exactly what to put on the registry. I had been living on my own for several years by the time we were engaged, so I had a decent amount of staple items that I liked! I knew we needed a new set of dishes, drinking glasses, and the like, but I was very intentional about what I put on our lists. I was thoughtful about what I added to it so that I didn’t end up with items that would just sit in storage because I thought I might use them one day. So far, we still use the bulk of what we registered for on a daily or weekly basis!

Over the years, I’ve been asked about the best items to register for, what I use the most from our wedding, or what to buy someone getting married. While your list will be specific to your needs and wants, an overarching “outline” of the best things to put on your registry is helpful! Based on my personal experience, as well as input from others, I’ve created this guide for you to use as a starting point. I hope it’s helpful!

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For the Kitchen


Cookware and Bakeware

  • Dutch Oven
  • Always Pan: This is advertised as 8 cookware pieces in one. I just got one this year but I’m really happy with it so far.
  • Stock Pot: Great to have if you frequently cook soups, chilis, or stews.
  • Bakeware Set: If you aren’t someone who bakes on a daily basis – a set like this is perfect because it has all the basic baking pans you need.
  • Casserole Dish: I like this set that gives you 3 different sizes.

Dinnerware, Serveware, and Silverware

  • Everyday Dinnerware Set: We chose this collection from Crate & Barrel. I like that it’s a timeless yet modern design as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Formal Dinnerware Set: Totally a personal preference whether you add this to a registry! Another great option is registering for some salad/appetizer plates  that pair well with your everyday dinnerware set to use for more formal dinner hosting.
  • Cheeseboard Set: Tons of options out there. If you’re someone who frequently makes charcuterie boards when hosting then a larger one might be a good add but if you’ll most likely use it for at home date nights then I’d go for a smaller, easy to store one. Alternatively you can find really fun serving boards and add a cheese knife set to the registry separately.
  • Serveware: I think what additional serveware you add is all based on how you host. Crate & Barrel, as well as Pottery Barn, have some nice collections you can look through to get a better idea of what you think you’ll get a lot of use out of. While having a large matching serveware collection is nice, its not always practical to have to store lots of items you only use once a year.
  • Silverware: Endless amounts of styles to pick when it comes to this. Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, and even Target all have great options.
  • Knife Set

Drinkware and Barware

  • Everyday Drinkware: I’d recommend registering for a classic set that you like the look of, includes the basic drinking glass sizes, and that’s dishwasher safe.
  • Wine Glasses: If there’s one bar glass I’d recommend having a larger set of, it’d be wine glasses. We have a set of red wine glasses from Pottery Barn as well as the matching stemless glasses. We also have some silicone and acrylic glasses for more casual hosting occasions. You certainly don’t have to add that many styles but 6 to 12 matching glasses is nice to have.
  • Other Bar Glasses: Looking at the various options from a site like Crate & Barrel is a good way to get an idea of what glasses you want to add. If you don’t host often there’s no need to have a huge collection. A nice drinking glass can often times serve the same purpose.
  • Wine Opener: We opted for an affordable electric one from Amazon.

Kitchen Accessories

For the House

Bed and Bath

  • Laundry Hamper and/or Baskets
  • Bedding: Comforter, duvet insert & cover, sheet set, pillows, etc.
  • Mattress Topper or Pad
  • Bath Towels: Bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, etc. Alternatively you can register for a few bundles like this one from Pottery Barn that include the basics.
  • Shower Curtain
  • Bath Mats
  • Scale
  • Soap/Lotion Dispenser Set


  • Frames
  • Decorative Pillows & Throw Blankets
  • Aroma Diffuser
  • Candle Holders

Electronics and Appliances

For the Outdoors


Cooking and Dining

  • Grill Set
  • Grill
  • Outdoor Dinnerware Set: These from Pottery Barn are made of Melamine which looks like ceramic but is break-resistant and durable. There are lots of great plastic options out there as well.


  • Movie Projector: If you’re someone who already has a lot of the staple registry items then this is a fun add. We got one this year and really enjoy watching movies on the porch.
  • Large and/or Portable Cooler
  • Outdoor Games: Cornhole Boards are a popular add.
  • Fire Pit: This one by Solo Stove is low smoke and also portable.


  • Smart Bulbs: These from Amazon are cool to easily control with your phone. Another really neat option are these that work even if the electricity in your home goes out.
  • Ring Doorbell: We love ours – plus you can set it to strictly ring to your phone which really comes in handy once you have a napping baby.
  • Luggage Set
  • Dewalt Drill or Tool Kit
  • Portable Speaker: We really like our Boom one but there’s lots of options out there.
  • Gift Cards
  • Cash Funds: The Knot has a creative cash fund option. You can designate certain activities for guests to contribute towards: for instance “$50 for a dinner date” or “$100 for scuba diving on our honeymoon”. This is a nice way for people to feel like they are gifting you with an experience instead of just giving cash.

Tips When Registering

  1. Offer a Variety of Price Points: You want to provide a wide range of prices and also a good assortment of options within each range. If you find almost everything on your list is over $50 look into registering some of the items, such as silverware and dinnerware, as individual items instead of sets.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Add Things: If you think of another “must-have” or even just notice there aren’t many options under $50 left, add them to your list.
  3. Make Sure You Have Space: Registering is exciting so it’s easy to go crazy adding things but make sure you’ll have room to store everything you’re asking for.
  4. Upgrade Your Items: While you might have a lot of the things on this list already, now’s a great time to donate the silverware and plates you got in college and upgrade to pieces you’ll want to use for years and years to come.
  5. Do Your Research: You still want to make sure you’re asking for nice quality pieces. When possible, go to stores so you can see items in person before adding them to your registry. Sometimes the most expensive items aren’t the best so read reviews and pick items thoughtfully.
  6. Register At More Than One Store: You want your guests to be able to purchase at a place that’s convenient to them. A good rule is to have at least one online only retailer like Amazon and one store with a location nearby for people who like to purchase their gift in person.
  7. Include Your Fiancé: Make sure you’re both happy with the items on the list.

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  1. 6.23.21
    Simone said:

    This is a great list! One of my favorite recommendations is to register for TWO sets of sheets. Although sheets straight for the dryer are heavenly, it isn’t always attainable. This is especially nice when leaving town to strip your sheets and make the bed with fresh sheets to come home to.

  2. 6.27.21
    Chris said:

    No, we didn’t register. My mom felt registries were a “gift grab” (She also was adamantly opposed to bridal showers so none of those either). Didn’t matter, we only had 2 (invited)guests at our wedding. We did have about 500 UNINVITED guests.