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While I can struggle to make it a part of my routine, I always feel better when I’m working out regularly. I have more energy, sleep better, and like knowing that I’m taking some time to invest in myself, which can be hard to do!

Liam and I were in a good routine of taking a morning walk together, but our schedule has changed a bit, so that hasn’t happened as regularly. I loved that time – getting to start my day with a little movement and soaking up some quiet time before the rest of the day got going. Since that has changed, I’m making even more of an effort to get on my exercise bike a few times a week. I’m always happy after I’ve done it, but actually putting aside other things to get on the bike is hard for me. Since I’m exercising regularly, I thought I would share some of my favorite things for working out, from apparel to gear.

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I love both the align leggings and these Amazon leggings, which offer more compression and support. This workout tank is nice because it’s really thin. I hate feeling like I have heavy clothing on when I’m doing a high-intensity workout, so something thin is my preference.

I go through phases of wearing my Apple Watch every day to getting out of the habit, but I almost always wear it when I’m working out. I like that it can track my workout and log it. It’s nice to get a little snapshot of what I’ve done and to be able to look back at the month and see how much I moved! I still have the Series 3 from a few years ago, although I’m considering a newer version.

I keep this pair of sneakers next to my bike so that they’re always ready to go when I workout, but I also love this pair of shoes for working out! I prefer a water bottle with a straw, like this, so that I can easily drink it while in the middle of a ride.

Do you have other recommendations to add?

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