2021 Year In Review

My “Year in Review” posts might be my favorite kind of blog post to write each year. It’s a good opportunity for me to look back on the year and reflect on all that has happened, both personally and here on social media. It was the first year in a long time that didn’t come with a major life change. We didn’t move, change jobs, have a baby, or anything big like we’ve experienced in the last 5 years or so. It was a slower-paced year in that way, which I’m so thankful for.

Let’s take a look back at some highlights from the year:

Most “Liked” Instagram Posts

In a surprise to nobody, most of my “most liked” posts on Instagram feature Liam! It is really hard for me to believe how much he has changed and grown in the last 12 months. That first photo in the top left was taken almost exactly one year ago! Thank you for sharing in my joy of watching him grow and learn this year. You guys are the best “instagram aunties” always saying sweet things about him – that means so much to me!

My Favorite Blog Post from Each Month

Januarythis post which includes make-ahead breakfast burritos – I need to make them again!

Februarythe post where I compared some popular drugstore mascaras and shared my thoughts.

March – the one where I shared some of my favorite area rugs.

April – this post where I broke down my sunless tanning routine – this will come in handy in just a few more months!

May – when I shared some thoughts and feelings on Liam turning ONE!

June – this post with a comprehensive list of wedding registry recommendations.

July – the one where I shared about our experience flying with Liam for the first time.

August – another drugstore makeup comparison post, but this time the focus was concealer.

September – this post with a stroller comparison between the Mockingbird and the Vista.

October – the one where I shared my teriyaki salmon recipe – one of my go-to dinners!

Novemberthe small business holiday shopping list! If you need any gifts throughout the year and want to support a small business, check it out.

December – this post that details how I curl my hair and the products I use.

The 10 Best Selling Items I Shared

The Perfect Vintage Jean in Ainsworth– Madewell

Miller Water Resistant Chelsea Boot Caslon

Enbliss Wireless Bra– Soma

2-Piece Hard Shell Luggage Suitcase SetAmazon

Shape Tape ConcealerTarte

Everywhere Belt Bag– Lululemon

Yale Chelsea BootMarc Fisher

10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans– Madewell

Ebb to Street Tank Top– Lululemon

Lou & Grey Signature Soft Sweatpants– Loft

My Greatest Struggle This Year

For me, it’s important to look back on the year and think about what I didn’t do well and want to improve on. Not in a negative way, more in a way of being aware of what didn’t work and making steps to improve upon it in the coming year. My greatest struggle in 2021 was balancing being a mom and working. Truthfully, as long as I’m a working mom, this will probably be at the top of my list. It’s difficult to switch between “mom” and “business owner” day in and day out. It’s hard to feel like I’m taking time from one thing to focus on the other. I don’t like missing out on time with Liam, but I also love working and accomplishing things professionally. While I make the choice everyday to be a working mom, it doesn’t make the balance any easier.

My goal for this new year is to set up myself up for success by having more systems in place to accomplish my work more efficiently, thus allowing me to truly put work aside on my “mom days”. I would love to be even more organized to allow myself to tackle my to-do lists without living in a constant state of, “I should be doing this or that” all the time. I have some ideas in mind for this, so I will happily share what works in the coming months!

My Proudest Accomplishment This Year

Something that I think I did well this year was ask for help. I’m the kind of person that thinks I can do everything and some, so it’s hard for me to recognize when I need or could use an extra set of hands. It’s been a learning process over the last few years to get to the place where I feel good about asking for help and I think I did a pretty good job of it last year. Whether it’s in the form of childcare, asking for “me time”, giving more work responsibilities to Chelsea, or something like that, I was able to recognize more quickly when I simply couldn’t do something and ask someone else to do it for me. I have plenty of room to grow in this area, but it’s nice to see the progress I’ve made over the last few years!

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2022

I’m hoping to spend some time here in January really thinking about my goals and hopes for my businesses for the year. I have some things I’d like to hone in on and things I’d like to work towards that I’m excited about! On a personal level, I’m looking forward to continuing to watch Liam grow and learn – he’s at such a fun age right now! Mike and I are both feeling like he’s getting easier and easier to travel with, so I hope to do some more family trips to new and familiar places.

Thank you!

To wrap up this review, I want to take a moment to say a big, “thank you” to you. Whether you read the blog occasionally or catch every post and follow on social media, your presence means the world to me! Thank you for taking the time to invest in what I share on social media and here on the blog. For interacting with my family and me, for sending encouraging messages and comments, for being fun to create content for. Without you, this wouldn’t even be a thing, so THANK YOU!

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  1. 1.11.22
    Heather Mayberry said:

    I’ve been following the blog since the From My Grey Desk days. It has been really cool to watch your businesses grow, and see you go from college to married to mom. I’ll always enjoy reading content because it’s relatable, inspiring, humble, and fun. You’re doing an amazing job!

    • 1.13.22
      Lauren said:

      Thank you so much – that means more than you know!