Let’s Talk About Teeth Whitening

Let’s talk about teeth whitening! Do you do it? I’ve tried a few things over the years, but always had issues with them. My mom and I did professional teeth whitening through our dentist about 10 years ago. While my teeth were visibly whiter, we both experienced what are called “zingers” (basically little electrical shocks in your teeth) as after effects from the treatment for a few days. It was terrible! The whitening was not worth that pain for days following. I’ve also tried other whitening strips, but my teeth are super sensitive already, which was just exacerbated by the strips. Most recently, I’ve been using Lumineux whitening strips and their Ultra Bright Pen and really like both! If you want to try the Whitening Stripsyou can save $10 through Amazon when you shop here!

Lumineux is the first ever certified non-toxic and clinically-proven line of oral care products. Their products are made from naturally-derived ingredients, like coconut oil and lemon peel. Most importantly, at least for me, you don’t have to worry about breaking down the enamel on your teeth or suffering from highly-sensitive teeth after using them.

The two products that I have been using most are the Ultra Bright Pen and the whitening strips. The Ultra Bright Pen is a must-have for my fellow coffee and red wine drinkers! My teeth get stained easily from red wine, so if I’m going out to dinner or spending an evening with friends and know that I’ll have a glass or two of red wine, I use this to help prevent the staining. It works in seconds — just brush some on your teeth and then enjoy your staining drink or choice, like black coffee or red wine, without worry! I keep this in my bag to have with my wherever I go.

The whitening strips application is just like other whitening strips, in that you apply them to your teeth and let them work for 30 minutes. I’ve found it works best to really dry my teeth well before applying. When you remove them, there will be some residue left on your teeth, but I just brush it off and rinse with water and it’s gone. They don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth or leave any lingering sensitivity.

Here’s a look at before and after using one whitening strip pack. I didn’t edit either photo at all, though I did stand in front of a window for natural light (and changed my shirt because I got hot, haha!). You can see that the after photo shows teeth that are a bit brighter and more white. I love that just one treatment will make a difference that you can actually see! So with continued, consistent use, the results will be even greater!

Before // After

So far, I’m really happy with the results and love that I’m using something that isn’t compromising the health of my teeth! If you want to try the Whitening Strips, you can save $10 on your order through Amazon here!

This post was created in partnership with Lumineux Oral Essentials.

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