Spring 2022 Beauty Favorites

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With warm weather on the horizon, I’ve got my mind on all things spring! An obvious change that occurs with a new season is in your clothes, but do you also switch up what beauty products you use? I don’t do a full overhaul of my routine or anything like that, but I definitely make some swaps here and there to go with the season!

In warmer weather, I find that I like a more dewy, natural-looking finish to my makeup. I like swapping powder bronzer and blush for creams, using a liquid highlighting product, and lip products that enhance my natural lip color without feeling too heavy. I often have more days with light makeup, so a tinted moisturizer and light-coverage BB cream get used quite a bit!

When it comes to the rest of my body, I love to use sunless tanner this time of year. As I start wearing shorts, dresses, and other pieces that show more skin, having a little glow helps me feel more confident!

One other thing that I typically do this time of year is switch up my fragrance. I love a bright, light scent when the weather warms up, so I usually opt for something in that family!

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