How I Curl My Hair & The Products I Use

To watch how I curl my hair, check out this video: Shampoo/Conditioner Function of Beauty & Prose — I’ve been alternating between…

My Current Makeup Routine – Winter 2021

Full video of application on Youtube here: 1. Foundation IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Cream (shade: Fair Light) applied with Artis…

Colleen Rothschild Friends & Family Sale

Would you rather: always have your hair styled or your makeup done? Personally, I’d rather always have my hair styled.…

Drugstore Mascara Comparison, Part Two

I had so much fun doing the first round of drugstore mascara testing, hence drugstore mascara comparison, round two! Just…

Easy Makeup Look with All Drugstore Products

You’ve seen me share some drugstore beauty products on their own, like mascara or concealer, but I thought I’d up…

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