i revealed the other day that,  until a few months ago, i was never one for wearing black. for most of my life, i had very blonde hair. and skin. (note: i'm going to start calling my skin "blonde" instead of "pale". much more flattering, don't you think?). the combination of blonde allover and black was too harsh to me. so, i steered clear of black in every situation and never questioned it.

until a few months ago. when i bought my first black top (similar to the one in the photos) and never looked back. i don't know if it was the darker hair or just the retail gods of black that wanted me to start spending all my money on anything and everything black, but it worked. i will say, it's not great having two orange tabbies that shed like they're about to go to the vet every single day (if you don't know anything about cats, they shed when they're nervous...and, let's just say, a trip to the vet for a cat is probably equivalent to giving a speech in front of a thousand strangers with no notecards for a human. you'd probably start shedding, too.)

all this to say, i wish i hadn't been so averse to black for so long. although it doesn't exactly contribute positively to my chromophobia...it kind of increases the problem.

to all you out there that have it dead set in your mind that there's a certain color, style, texture, or silhouette that you absolutely cannot wear, i'm about to challenge you...try it* it could be the beginning of a beautiful, and somewhat unhealthy, relationship. and if you're still not sure if it works, feel free to send me a photo and i'll let you know. i'm usually pretty honest when people ask my opinion...just ask my mom and sister.

top: H&M (similar)
pants: Madewell (similar)
shoes: UO
earrings: LOFT Outlet
ring: Kate Spade
chain bracelet: c/o MASSI
 -- check them out on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

*some exceptions do apply. like almost any neon color, snakeskin, and those diaper pants that people wear around. you know what i'm talking about?