Staple Queen

i’m kind of the queen of wearing outfits made up solely of staples. sometimes, i’ll throw something a little unexpected in there, like the necklace in today’s look. mostly, this happens because my closet is about 90% staples. so, it’s just natural. also, it’s a lot easier to just throw on a simple pair of shorts and a blouse without having to think to hard about what items to pair together.

i like having a mostly “blank” palette (blouse and shorts) and adding fun shoes or a colorful bag. it creates an interesting element and allows me to express my personal style. a few of my virtual styling clients have told me about their fear of stepping out of their comfort zone with patterns, colors, or textures that they don’t usually wear, which i totally get. the best and easiest way to do it is by starting with your shoes or handbag, or even jewelry. make sure that you’re comfortable in the clothes that you’re wearing, and you won’t feel so uncomfortable if just one of your accessories is a little “out there”.

by the way, did you think this was going to be about my affinity for a common office staple…like staples? pun very much intended. 

top: Francesca’s
necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie
shopable items:

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Love these items! You look great!

    Posted 6.19.13 Reply
  2. Niki Caron wrote:

    I think this is my favorite outfit yet, Lauren! You look beautiful!

    Posted 6.19.13 Reply
  3. Lori wrote:

    My perfect outfit as well!

    Posted 6.19.13 Reply

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