2 Things I Never Thought I’d Do

skirt: c/o LAmade / tank: c/o Pickwick & Weller / necklace: J Crew Factory / wedges: Target

top: c/o LAmade / pants: Old Navy / sandals: Target

so, i did a thing that i never thought i would do. well, actually i did two things i never thought i would do. first, i wore a skirt with a high-low hemline. although it’s not as dramatic as some, i wasn’t too sure how i felt about it when i first tried it on. truthfully, i tried it on the first time and had no idea what to wear it with, so i put it away for a couple days. when i brought it back out, i thought it would be good to pair with some wedges and waaala! much better. i like that it’s a little bit different and slightly off-beat. and it’s way comfortable. so, i call it a win.

the second thing that i did was buy white pants. i’ve always personally been against them. i’ve wanted to wear them because i’ve seen women look great in them, but could never find a pair that i felt good in. until i found these from Old Navy. for $8.99. yes, you read that right. i tried them on in the fitting room and they fit like an absolute glove. there’s nothing better, in my opinion, than finding a pair of pants that feel like they were just made for your body. these are those. and they were less than ten bucks. you gotta be kiddin’ me! i love the way they make this beautiful top pop and really be the centerpiece of the look. something about the crisp white combined with the royal blue and peach is just divine. like a blueberry and peach pie with fresh whipped cream on top. oh, sorry. i have dessert on the brain.

p.s. use code LAUREN20 for 20% off your purchase at LAmade!

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