Poncho Love

my neutral wardrobe is in full force in these Midwestern parts. i was at Target yesterday, trying on some clothes, when i realized that every single thing that i brought into the fitting room with me was void of color. that’s ten things. i’m beginning to think i had some sort of bad experience with color in my past and that’s why i avoid it like the plague.

my general avoidance of wearing color (although i’ve been told that i should wear more because it makes my features “pop”) was highly satisfied when this poncho arrived on my doorstep. and by doorstep, i mean mail room. excuse me for wishing i lived in a beautiful brick walkup with a Fall wreath hanging on the door and a pretty welcome mat.

when Tamarynn of The Chic Orchid wanted to send me this poncho, i couldn’t very well decline. it has three qualities that i love: neutral colors, aztec pattern, and it’s oversized (also, it’s one size fits all!).

in the future, i plan to attempt to wear this beauty with some color, but for it’s first trip around the neighborhood, i wanted it to be as comfortable as possible in the company of like colors 😉

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outfit details:
leggings: J.Crew Factory
long sleeve tee: Old Navy
booties: DSW
necklace: J.Crew Factory

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