Q+A, Part Four

here’s what questions were asked and when they were answered:
(1:03) do you ever feel unsafe when you go out and take photos by yourself in the city?
(3:30) what features do you look for in shoes to make sure you’re comfortable walking the city?
(5:00) how much time do you devote to blogging in a week? how do you balance it with everything else in your life?
(11:08) what led you to be passionate about fashion/style?
(13:31) how often, if ever, do you and Kate fight?
(15:56) what devotions can you recommend?
(17:10) what has been your game plan to transition out of your ombré hair?
(19:13) who’s the youngest and the oldest out of the kids in your family?

Nordstrom Rack sweater
Revlon Colorburst in Sizzle

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