Winter Pink

although my tendency is to wear mostly black or grey in the winter months, i’ve been fighting those chromophobe demons a bit by adding some color here and there. or some pattern. or sometimes both, which is always a huge accomplishment.

what’s also a huge accomplishment is the fact that i actually like the color pink these days. for years and years, i had a strange aversion to it. i don’t know if it was too girly or abrasive (hot pink, mostly), but i avoided it like the plague. then i realized that there is such a thing as a soft and pretty pink and my whole world of color preferences changed.

there’s nothing like a pretty pink blouse and polka dot skirt (with a bow detail, no less) to fulfill all of my incredibly feminine outfit dreams in one fell swoop. and that, my friends, is what it means to be efficient.

thanks to LaMaLu for this fab blouse. be sure to check them out on Facebook and Pinterest, too!

outfit details:
top: ℅ LaMaLu Boutique
skirt: Loft
booties: Nine West via Marshall’s
jacket: Marc New York via Nordstrom Rack
earrings: ℅ Pradman Jewels 

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