Bath Essentials

little, in life, is more enjoyable to me than taking a hot bath at the end of the day. or during the day, which i’ve been known to do many a time. taking baths has always been a favorite of mine. my mom hasn’t missed a night (well, maybe one or two) in about 30 years, so i guess i was sort of born into it.

although i’m just as happy with a classic, hot-water-with-no-extras bath, i’m building up a nice little collection of essentials for my relaxation time.

in no particular order, here are mine:
– a delicious smelling candle. one with the word bath on it is just bonus points.
– a box of matches. a cute box for bonus points (i just decided that this is a game, so…buckle up.)
– bubble bath. one that smells amazing and reminds you of a delicious dessert for…well, you know.
– bath bomb. (that could be misconstrued as something kind of gross. oh you weren’t thinking that? awkward.)
– lotion or moisturizer for post-bath. also, i put this on my hands every night before i go to bed and my skin has never been softer.
– lip balm. mostly because i can never go anywhere without lip balm within arms reach. also, it smells and tastes like grapefruit. yum!

**not pictured: a good book, glass of wine, and sweat droplets that inevitably show up within the first five minutes because i run the water way too hot.

candle: TJ Maxx
matches: Paper Source (similar)
bubble bath: Philosophy (similar)
lip balm: Body Drench
bath bomb: Lush
body butter: Ulta

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