Thoughts on the Golden Globes

are you an award show watcher? i typically am. i don’t plan my day around them, but i’m usually free on Sunday nights anyway so there’s not much of anything hindering my ability to relax on the couch and take in all the gorgeous gowns, funny monologues, and results. if i’m being honest, my favorite part of watching is the pre-show to see the gowns and styles of all the celebrities. the best part of last night’s show? Amy and Tina hosting. i just want to be friends with them, know what i mean?

here’s a few of my favorite looks from last night:

i didn’t see The Wolf of Wall Street, so my first introduction to Margot came through Jimmy Fallon a few nights ago. i was instantly stuck by her natural beauty and am kind of obsessed with her Australian accent. i’m also pretty convinced she would look just as gorgeous in a paper bag.

Margot Robbie

how stinkin’ cute is her baby bump?! and that green is killer with her eyes.

Olivia Wilde

more than anything, i really love the shape of this dress and the gold accents. also, her earrings were to die for.

Julianna Margulies 

other things i loved:
– Jennifer Lawrence’s acceptance speech…and pretty much everything else that she does
– Amy Adams crying as soon as she got on stage
– Andy Samberg and the fact that he acts like a 22 year old (for the record, he’s 35)

things i could have done without:
– Paula Patton’s dress (yikes!)
– the most awkward 2 minutes of my life watching Jacqueline Bisset just look around when she’s supposed to be giving an acceptance speech
– Diane Keaton wearing a suit. although she is probably the only woman in the world that could look that good in one.
– Kerry Washington not winning.

did you watch? what did you think?

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  1. I always seem to miss awards shows, last night no exception. But, I have done my smut site rounds and I've gotta say, I LOVE Julianna Margulies' dress! Not many did, but I think it's incredible. And Olivia Wilde puts all pregnant woman to shame. That emerald dress was exquisite. I might have to go On-Demand and watch it, sounds like it was a show to remember!

    Posted 1.13.14 Reply

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