Hair History

since i was about 12 years old, i’ve been coloring, highlighting, and experimenting with my hair. my sister used me as a ‘test dummy’ throughout cosmetology school, so i’ve tried quite a few things with my locks. i’ve always trusted her to do something that will look good and that i’ll like, so i haven’t really been hesitant when she’s suggested things to me, like adding red (which is my current hair!).
i was near-platinum blonde for many, many years. i tried brunette once or twice in high school and college and i just didn’t feel it suited me well, so i’d always go back to blonde. now i can’t imagine myself with anything but my natural brunette color…funny how preferences change, isn’t it?
so, here’s my hair history over the course of about 3 years:








pretty different, eh? i really loved my hair ombré. in fact, i’ve already decided that i’ll probably do something like that for spring/summer to change it up a bit. the thing i love about my hair now is that it’s so low maintenance. the top 3/4 is my natural color, so it’s pretty darn easy to maintain. i sure don’t miss having to get highlights every 6-8 weeks.
funny story: my ID photo is of me with very blonde hair like, the first few photos, about shoulder length with bangs (insert surprised emoji here). before i hand it over to anyone to check it, i make sure to preface it with ‘i promise that’s me, i’ve just changed my hair a bit’. most people don’t care, but there are the few that do triple-takes and even a couple that don’t believe me. i should probably get a new photo taken, but that means i’d have to go to the DMV, which isn’t exactly at the top of my list of things i want to do on a Saturday.note: photos may not be in perfect chronological order.

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  1. Haley Wade wrote:

    Just stalking through all of your old posts here but.. holy **** you look so much like your sister with blonde hair!

    Posted 1.9.20 Reply

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