Color Collections: White

with warmer temperatures around these parts, i’m ready to bust out anything and everything white. i’ve really grown to have an affinity for white things – they’re crisp, clean, and airy. i, personally, don’t abide by the ‘no white before Memorial Day’ rule, so it’s fair game. i wore those white pants in Florida a few weeks ago and love them. the gold details in the zippers and hardware and the softness of the material make them my go-to white pants for this spring and summer. 
i’ve been noticing that 50ish degrees is a very polarizing temperature in the city. you’ll see people in their knee-high boots, winter jackets, and gloves walking next to people wearing sandals, a thick sweater, and ankle pants. realists versus idealists, i suppose. i fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum with my pastel scarves and light jackets. 
1 | Zara
2 | Ikea
6 | Target
8 | Ikea
 10 | H&M

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