if i'm being honest, most of my time spent on Pinterest is looking for new recipes and meal ideas. it mostly occurs when i'm hungry and have nothing in my pantry. ya know, just virtually eating all the perfectly plated dishes with the freshest ingredients that 'only take 10 minutes'. yeah. right. 

i would be the worst prep chef in america. it takes me about 7 minutes just to chop a pepper, so making soups, casseroles, or really anything with many ingredients is something that i don't do often because it takes me half a day. however, i've recently dedicated Mondays to be 'cooking days'. i typically run out of food over the weekend (imma go ahead and blame my boyfriend for that one. he will eat anything and everything in sight, if not closely monitored.) so i need to run to the grocery store to buy food for the week. i've been venturing out of my typical pasta, caesar salad, or frozen pizza options and have found some great recipes on the world wide web. 

if you're like me and don't want to risk a week's worth of groceries on a not-that-good new dish, try some of these. they're all delicious and relatively simple.

*this dressing recipe is my new go-to. so easy, so delicious.
**i realize that frosting is, in fact, not a meal. however, i would make an exception for this frosting. i used it on cupcakes a couple weeks ago and it is the best frosting i've ever had. i consider myself somewhat of a frosting connoisseur, so you should take that to mean whatever you'd like. 

much of my motivation for cooking new things comes from my desire to fill up my new Rifle Paper Co. recipe box that i picked up last week at Anthropologie. i've wanted it for months and finally caved. so, i figure i need to test out recipes to make sure that they're box-worthy. 
she's a beauty, right?

if you've tried recipes that you found on Pinterest and had success, feel free to share them in the comments below! i'd love to try some more!