DIY Washi Tape Storage

if you’re anything like me, no matter how many pouches, drawers, tupperware containers you have, it’s just never enough for your endless amount of crap useful things. my roommate and i share a bathroom, but we each have our own sink (which is a lifesaver) and storage space. i, however, have beauty products, hair ties, makeup brushes, q-tips, nail polish, and anything else you can imagine sprawled pretty much everywhere. let’s just say i take full advantage of the counter space that belongs to me and i decided it needed a bit more organization. 
one thing i’m really big on when it comes to styling my apartment is having pretty and functional storage. the only things in my underbed storage boxes are shoes (currently out of season) and random electronic things, otherwise everything is strategically placed throughout my room and bathroom as ‘decor’. 
when i came across this idea on Pinterest, i knew it would be perfect for my countertop to store some things that were otherwise taking up valuable space in my bathroom drawers. it’s a super easy and cheap project that has made a world of a difference for me. 
all you need to get started are some containers and washi tape. i found all of these glass items at Michael’s Craft Store, along with the tape (i also picked up a variety of metallic tape that isn’t pictured here).

i legitimately can’t even give you directions because there aren’t any besides washing and drying your glass containers and applying the tape. if you’re super precise, you can use a rubber band of piece of string to ensure your lines are perfectly straight. if you’re cool to wing it a bit, just freehand it. i did mine freehand and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to do. if you totally screw a line up, just peel the tape off and start again. 

print by Rifle Paper Co. | frame from Michael’s

i had a few other glass containers that were holding other objects that i decided to do as well. 

like i said, this couldn’t be easier. it’s the perfect way to add a little color or pattern to an otherwise plain jar or bowl. i’ve had mine done for well over 2 weeks and there’s no sign of peeling. if you wanted to ensure that the tape stay on for a long time, you could dot a bit of glue where the ends meet. 

**i’m not sure of the original source for this idea. i saw several pins on Pinterest and just went ahead and did it myself. if you know the source, please let me know!**

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