All Moved In

the radio silence around these parts is coming to a close because moving weekend is officially done! i’ve been only and totally focused on everything involving the move the last couple weeks and am so relieved to be able to use my brain for other things! 
the move went pretty well, all things considered. besides not being able to fit my new couch in the passenger elevator (the freight elevator is currently being worked on, but should be running soon!) and the elevators at my old building being busted the morning i was supposed to be moving out, there were no real issues. it’s a darn miracle. 
seriously, though, walking down 13 flights of stairs to the lobby of my old building to see that not one, but TWO elevators were out of service was less than thrilling. after a couple hours, service was back and we were able to power through and get all of our boxes and things in the moving truck in less than an hour. when we (my old and current roommate and i) got to the new place to unload our stuff, our other roommate was here with my parents. she was unpacking and settling in while my parents were in full furniture-building mode. i had a bed frame, dresser, and two bookshelves to build. my dad, Mike, and a couple friends were the building masters and knocked it all out in a couple hours, which saved me lots of work. 
our first lunch in our new home! 
it’s only been a few nights, but i’m pretty sure i’m never leaving this apartment. we’re not even all settled in and it feels like home. i love living with two of my closest friends already. it truly is a special time in our lives and i want to be sure to take advantage of it! 
this was the scene on my bed two days ago. this isn’t even half of the decorative things i own. it’s a problem. (i’ll be doing a full apartment ‘reveal’ in the next week or two, which will include sources to everything!)
i’ve made some good progress in my room, but still have quite a bit to do. it’s livable and i can work in it, but i still have to hang everything and figure out where some decorative things are going to go. once everything is finished, i’ll be sharing plenty of photos for those that are interested. i’m really excited to share it with you guys! it’s coming together just how i wanted it to. 
my sister and nephew are in town for a few days, so i’ll be enjoying some time with them this week! kate came into the city yesterday for a little girl’s night and we’re heading back to the burbs sometime today. we enjoyed doing a little shopping, eating, and just hanging out. as much as i love having david around whenever kate is here, it’s also nice to just have some sister time, ya know? 
(i’m hoping to get back into regular posts here later this week, for anyone wondering!)

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