The Lucky Sweater

don’t mind the salt stains on the toes of my boots…lesson learned.

a couple saturdays ago, mike and i headed out to a nearby outlet mall to do a little shopping. he was in the market for some pants for work and i’m always in the market for something at the mall. after a quick lunch, we drove out to get our shop on. we both had some success and still had the night ahead of us, so our next obvious activity was to head over to the casino and win a little money (hopefully!). 
the last time i was at a casino, it was in Vegas and i was about 12 years old. i made the mistake of stepping off the designated carpet area and was instantly reprimanded by casino staff. so, that was what i knew of a place like that. we set a limit of how much we were both willing to spend, and through those glorious double doors we walked. if you’ve never been, there’s a bit of everything overload when you first walk in…we had to get our bearings and make a game plan. we circled around the whole place to see what types of games they had available and decided on the one that required the least amount of money. we found machines next to each other and got to work. we spied on some fellow gamblers, just to see how the thing worked, and then took a swing at it. i put a couple bucks in and ended up with a $.40 payout, so…i wasn’t exactly off to a hot start. we continued and i started winning a little, $4.50 here, $7.60 there. i was feelin’ it. Mike, however, wasn’t exactly winning.
we continued on, trying a couple other games, until we found the one. we decided that i had the lucky touch, so my role was pressing the button. the first couple rounds weren’t great, and then it happened. the rewards started rollin’ in. 4x! 10x! double! 9 free games! you honestly would have thought that we just won a million dollars based on our excitement. we watched our winnings rise and debated every time whether or not we should test our luck again. after a couple losses, we knew it was quittin’ time. i hit the ‘payout’ button and our $58.20 receipt was printed. whaaaaaaaat! like i said, you would have thought we won a million, but walking out of a casino with more than double the money we put into it was a sweet, sweet victory. we cashed out and strutted out of that place like we owned it. we recounted in the car and split our winnings, 50/50. and then it was time to decide what we’d do with this new pile of money we found ourselves holding. brunch in the morning, it was!

and so, this sweater is officially dubbed my ‘lucky sweater’. here’s to hoping that luck continues!

sweater | J.Crew Factory
pants | Madewell (old)
booties | DSW (similar)
bag | Target
necklace | J.Crew Factory (similar)
earrings | Elisabeth Ashlie
sunglasses | Kate Spade 

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