Winter White

i’ve come over from the dark side (i.e. always wearing black) and jumped into an unknown territory: a palette of light colors. there must be something in the water. 
truthfully, i tried this sweater on at target and as soon as my arms slid through the sleeves, i felt like i had just wrapped up in the warmest, softest, blanket-iest sweater ever. in fact, i get a little too warm in it at times, which is why i layer it over a tee so that i can peel back the layers if it’s too much. i like to call it, ‘grandma’, which may seem like an odd name (no, it is an odd name)(also, why are you naming your sweaters?). there’s a story. 
my sister has a chenille blanket at her house that she’s had for years. every single time i have gone to drape it over my cold legs – girlfriend likes to have her house set to what feels like 37ยบ (it’s like she’s pregnant or something) – the strongest whiff of elderly people blows past my nose. you know that smell, the musty but sweet smell of a grandparent. so i started calling the blanket ‘grandma’, which is actually pretty funny when i say things like, ‘oh my gosh! it’s so cold – toss grandma over here!’. and now, everything that is chenille will be called grandma, just because that’s my only experience with it.  
*note: my sister has washed the blanket before and nothing else in her house smells musty. it’s just something about that blanket. just want to make that clear ๐Ÿ˜‰
separately, i’ve been busy as heck with Elisabeth Ashlie holiday sales, which is why posting has been quiet around these parts. while i’m really enjoying devoting most of my days to my biz, i’m looking forward to it slowing down a bit after the holidays and getting back into regular posting here. i’m working on some fun ideas for january!
tee | Evereve
sweater | Target
jeans | ZARA
scarf | H&M
booties | DV by Dolce Vita
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie
bangle | Loren Hope
watch | Kate Spade
rings | Pradman and Delezhen

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