Prepping Your Home For Spring

see what i did there with that title? the cleverness is just abounding over here. as i’ve mentioned before, i have spring fever like crazy. i’m ready for the sun to shine more regularly, to pack away my winter coats, and to let my fair skin see the light of day. while winter lingers (as it always does), i’ve been doing some things indoors to alleviate the fever a bit. they’re super easy and really do make a difference, at least for me!  
here’s a few ideas for adding spring to your home:
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 cold winter nights call for fur blankets (i have at least two on my bed at all times) and dark sheets. i like to change my bedding with the seasons, so an easy thing to do is to switch your winter set for something a bit more light and airy. add a new or different throw pillow and switch out the fur for an open knit for a quick change that will transform your bedroom. 
i’m a serial candle-burner, especially candles that can mentally transplant me to another place. these days, i’m dreaming of a beach vacation so any candle that smells like coconut, pineapple, lemon, or fresh flowers is highly acceptable around here. 
i’m not really one for fresh flowers, but i do love a good bunch of artificial blooms. i added this beautiful bunch of peonies the other week and love how it adds some spring-ness to my dresser top. 
iPhone wallpaper via Design Love Fest
i just stumbled upon this wallpaper the other night and instantly downloaded it to be my new background. every time i check the time on my phone, i see a beautiful pattern that reminds me that spring is coming! 
how are you prepping your home for spring?

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