Saturday Style | 09

spring showed it’s beautiful, magical, glorious little self this weekend and, i think i speak for everyone when i say, i couldn’t be happier. ankles were shown, light jackets were worn, and the windows were even open for a hot rather chilly second. mind you, it was only about 43º, but you’d think it was 80º. 
i took full advantage of actually enjoying being outdoors by walking some errands after church on sunday. i popped into the Urban Outfitters Surplus Store where so many things are only $5. it had a little bit of a Forever 21 feel, where you’re completely overwhelmed and almost turn right around and walk out the door. oh, that’s just me? but i stuck with it and am glad that i did. i found a couple of cute tops for summer that were only FIVE DOLLARS. it almost felt like i was stealing…even as i was paying for them. 
i also had the bright idea to take a class at PureBarre with a friend that i convinced would enjoy it. BAH! i clearly had repressed the memories from the last time that i took a class with my sister because ‘enjoy’ is not a word that i would use. i felt great once it was over, but was cursing myself for doing it pretty much the entire time. there is something about being in a group of (almost all) strangers that’s incredibly motivating. because, you know, they definitely remember me today. so i’m glad i did it, but every tiny muscle i didn’t even know that i had in my midsection is screaming at me with every tiny move today. 
let’s talk about clothes for a second because, you know, i like clothes. if i can find a way to layer a lace top with an outfit, i will. i don’t know what it is these days, but i am all about it. i like that it adds a bit of texture and interest to an otherwise simple outfit of jeans and a tee. plus, it’s perfect for those tops that are just a little bit too short. so, i highly recommend you find yourself a lace layering top and wear that mess with everything. 

top | Gap (similar)
lace top | Marshall’s
jeans | ZARA (similar)
flats | DSW
bag | Kate Spade
necklaces | Stella & Dot, J.Crew Factory
watch | Kate Spade

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