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i can hardly believe the weekend is already over and we’re back to a monday morning. i remember when i was younger and older people, especially those with children, would always say, “life goes by faster every year!” and i thought they were just saying that to encourage me to appreciate my childhood when i was desperately wishing to be older. turns out, they weren’t lying. i feel like hours turn to months and suddenly we’re approaching the halfway mark of 2015 and i’m like, “wait, i thought it was 2014?” with some upcoming travel and things going on this month for me, May is basically over, which means that it’s June, which is also basically over since my calendar is pretty full, so next week is the 4th of July and i don’t have any plans yet! #toomuchcaffeine 
let’s rewind to the weekend, yes? it was rainy and chilly and very fall-like. in fact, Mike and i walked to breakfast Saturday morning and both commented on how it even smelled like a fall day. uhhh, summer, you ain’t gettin’ off that easy, darlin’. we had a delicious breakfast at one of our favorite local spots and then walked through the farmer’s market at the elementary school across the street. we picked up some delicious strawberries and my little Saturday-loving heart was completely content by noon. 
when it comes to the “ideal Saturday” activities, Mike and i couldn’t be more different. to me, a great Saturday would be spent mostly how we spent the day, with some more coffee, maybe a walk along the lakefront, cooking some dinner together, and watching a movie. since i spend my weekdays in my apartment working, i’m desperate to get out of the house and do active things on the weekends. Mike is quite the opposite since he is always on the move during the workweek. he would be pretty much in heaven if he slept in, watched some TV, napped, and maybe want out to dinner. i could probably talk him into the movie with no trouble, too. our ideas of relaxation are just slightly different 😉 we’ve learned pretty well how to compromise, though. he’s good about being up for any activity to get me out of the house, so long as we end up back there at some point to just sit and not have to move. and if i’m being honest, i’m pretty okay with that, too. 

tee | J.Crew
jeans | ZARA (similar)
vest | Target
flats | J.Crew Factory
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie (here and here)

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  1. That's funny – my husband and I are the complete opposite! I would love to do nothing on the weekend and he likes to go out and do things, but compromise 🙂 I love the outfit!

    Kim .. A GREAT sale!

    Posted 5.11.15 Reply

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