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it is the last day of February...HOW!?!??  it's also a Leap Day, which i've never really cared about, but i'm extra glad for this year since i have a lot of work to do yet in February (insert surprised/embarrassed emoji face here). this past week has been a little crazy with work, so i'm glad to have just one more day to accomplish all the things i wanted/needed to do in February. here's hoping i actually get it done!

we had the most gloriously warm weekend in Chicago. the kind where you can walk around outside without a winter coat on and enjoy yourself. as if i wasn't already anxious for Spring to arrive, this weekend officially sealed the deal. i am so looking forward to wearing clothes that are a little lighter, layering different pieces together, and having the option of outerwear (or at the very least, be able to choose between a couple of different jackets!). i will miss wearing scarves, though. i love scarves. there's something about them that just makes them extra cozy to me. it's like being wrapped up in a blanket, no matter where you go. i'll hold off on putting those suckers away until the very last second, for sure. 

in blog-related things, i'm hoping to get back into a regular routine this week! i've missed sharing with you all, so once the end-of-the-month work rush settles, i'll be able to form a coherent thought or two. thanks for hangin' in there! as always, follow me on Snapchat (@laurelizabeth4) and Instagram for updates, outfits, and random things throughout the weeks! 
top: LOFT Outlet | jeans: Banana Republic | duster sweater: LOFT Outlet (similar, similar) | scarf: asos (similar) | booties: DSW | purse: Kate Spade Outlet | earrings: Elisabeth Ashlie

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  1. Love your scarf. Looks so cozy and comfy.


  2. love this layered look and anything cheetah!
    xoxo, Julia

  3. Um I absolutely LOVE this outfit! And is it weird for me to comment on how great your teeth look?! I bet you don't hear that often. (This is coming from a future dental hygienist) :)

  4. Isn't it the best when you can start leaving the jacket at home?? It's snowing here, so that's definitely not an option for me today haha

    Rosie's Life

  5. You look so cozy, I love it! That sweater is pretty sweet. :)

  6. Spring is already here but I love your outfit. Your purse, your scarf, your coat all are stunning. I had shopping for spring evening parties from Alysse Sterling. Please have a look.

  7. So obsessed with long line cardigans and this grey one on you is amazing! Love the fun scarf too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  8. That cardigan is fab! Such a love for long cardigans and coats, great look.

    em xx

  9. I really like the long cardigan and scarf combo.

    Jamie of Hello There, Lady!

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