it is the last day of February...HOW!?!??  it's also a Leap Day, which i've never really cared about, but i'm extra glad for this year since i have a lot of work to do yet in February (insert surprised/embarrassed emoji face here). this past week has been a little crazy with work, so i'm glad to have just one more day to accomplish all the things i wanted/needed to do in February. here's hoping i actually get it done!

we had the most gloriously warm weekend in Chicago. the kind where you can walk around outside without a winter coat on and enjoy yourself. as if i wasn't already anxious for Spring to arrive, this weekend officially sealed the deal. i am so looking forward to wearing clothes that are a little lighter, layering different pieces together, and having the option of outerwear (or at the very least, be able to choose between a couple of different jackets!). i will miss wearing scarves, though. i love scarves. there's something about them that just makes them extra cozy to me. it's like being wrapped up in a blanket, no matter where you go. i'll hold off on putting those suckers away until the very last second, for sure. 

in blog-related things, i'm hoping to get back into a regular routine this week! i've missed sharing with you all, so once the end-of-the-month work rush settles, i'll be able to form a coherent thought or two. thanks for hangin' in there! as always, follow me on Snapchat (@laurelizabeth4) and Instagram for updates, outfits, and random things throughout the weeks! 
top: LOFT Outlet | jeans: Banana Republic | duster sweater: LOFT Outlet (similar, similar) | scarf: asos (similar) | booties: DSW | purse: Kate Spade Outlet | earrings: Elisabeth Ashlie

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