we all transition our wardrobe from winter to spring, right? it's not really optional. you change your color palette, the kinds of fabrics you wear, the outerwear you need, etc. the real questions is, do you transition your home from winter to spring? i typically do. i use a lot of fur blanket and pillows in the winter, so those always go into storage as soon as the coooold of winter is gone. i swap out my bedding for something a little lighter and more colorful, too.

here are a few other ways you can transition from one season to the other without a lot of hassle:

fun, colorful throw pillows
a really easy way to change up your bedroom or living space without breaking the bank is by switching out your existing throw pillows with playful, colorful pillows. they can instantly transform the room and give you a different feel.

adding some bright, patterned coasters to your coffee table can have the same effect! i love the shape on these ones because they make me think of palm trees. 

house plants
i love having (artificial) plants around my apartment for a couple reasons. they add some color to a room, fill space really well, and emulate the blossom of spring (without the work!). i'm sort of a plant-killer, so real-looking artificial plants is where it's at. no work, all the reward. well, all the reward except that part about keeping something else alive.

these just scream "late-night cookout on a patio", right? they make me think that the weather is so nice that you can be outside way into the night that you need to light up some lanterns to be able to see. how cool would they be clustered and hung in the corner of a living room or bedroom with battery-powered candles?

if you can't be at the beach, why not make it smell like the beach in your house?!

serve wear
add some color and fun texture to your tabletop with bright mugs, dishes, and fun napkins. seeing the bright colors will instantly remind you that the seasons are a-changin' and warmth is coming.

kitchen towels
(ikat, green)
i like to switch up my kitchen towels every now and then, especially with a new season. since i usually have a Christmas/holiday-themed one in there through the winter, by time spring rolls around, i'm looking for something bright and fresh to swap it out with.