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happy monday! if you follow me on twitter, you already know that i was awoken this morning to the sound of the neighborhood duck quacking…something i was sure i would never say as a city dweller. i’m actually not sure that he/she is the neighborhood duck, i just saw him/her once last week on my neighbor’s roof, so i assumed it was the same one. i will certainly keep you duck-lovers updated, if i see/hear from it again.

i had quite a full weekend these past couple of days. if i had to choose to do nothing all weekend or be constantly doing something, i think i would choose the latter. although, it is nice to have busy weekends when you’re doing things you want to do. this weekend was one of those kind of busy ones. for Christmas this year, Mike got me tickets to see a country singer perform at Joe’s Bar (a popular venue for smaller gigs to perform). we were both excited to check out the venue and see the show. we enjoyed it a lot, but both agreed that we prefer a more open, spread out situation when it comes to watching a band or singer perform. ya know, like the kind of place where you don’t have to be sweating the entire time and rubbing up against strangers. that kind of thing. it was a fun night out with my man, though! 

saturday was marked with some family time on his side out in the burbs. we spend quite a bit of time with my family (especially my parents), so it’s always nice to switch things up and get together with his. saturday night was a “get cheap Mexican and catch up on our shows on the couch” night, which was a welcomed reprieve from the activity. i can’t tell you how nice it is that spring weather is finally officially here to stay, or so they say. it’s makes the weekends so much more enjoyable because we get to actually spend time outdoors. 
what kind of weekend-er are you? do you like to do a lot of things and always be busy, or prefer to relax and recharge before another week?

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend. I like being busy and having fun activities, but eating Mexican on the couch and watching Netflix sounds just about perfect. As long as someone can keep bringing chips and salsa!

    Posted 4.18.16 Reply
  2. Natalie wrote:

    I typically stack my Saturdays with stuff (because I tend to measure a good day by productivity, sadly), but I also do that so I can stay pretty chill on Sundays. But while I'm preggers right now, I let myself off the hook if the whole weekend is lazy. Haha.

    And we also live in the city and totally hear ducks and chickens (something in laying mode…awesome) all the time. It's too funny. I even had chickens next door when I lived in Brooklyn. So bizarre, but I totally feel ya.

    Posted 4.18.16 Reply
  3. Abi Albers wrote:

    That's so tough! Some weekends I love to be doing stuff constant and others I need sleep and a recharge. Finding the perfect balance can be so hard! Happy Monday, Lauren!

    Posted 4.18.16 Reply
  4. cwilshire7 wrote:

    that sounds like a fantastic weekend! I sometimes love the hustle and bustle of a full weekend, but absolutely welcome a weekend where coffee and books are the only to-dos!

    Posted 4.19.16 Reply
  5. MelissaG wrote:

    With 5 kids, weekends are always full of sport activities!! I love it!

    Posted 4.19.16 Reply
  6. Anon wrote:

    Wow, a duck in the city! Makes me think of Joey and Chandler with their chick and duck. I'm just curious: Is Mike now a physical therapist? Or is he still finishing school?

    Posted 4.19.16 Reply
    • Haha totally like Joey and Chandler – I didn't even think of that! He's done with school (for now), so he's working in the city!

      Posted 4.20.16 Reply
  7. Kristina wrote:

    Ummm I saw a duck in the city yesterday, it was the weirdest thing. Just splashing around in a puddle under the el, nowhere near the lake. Are ducks taking over?!

    Kristina does the Internets

    Posted 4.24.16 Reply

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