Coffee Bar

It's not hard to see why our coffee bar is one of my favorite spots in our apartment. It's bright, organized, and full of coffee - all of my favorite things. This situation is opposite my desk, so I'm tempted to make another coffee basically every minute of the day. 

My roommate and I both drink coffee on a daily basis, so it was important to us to have a space that could not only hold all of our equipment, mugs, beans, k-cups, and the like, but also to make it totally functional. Our kitchen is rather small in this apartment, with about 6 square feet of counter space (I'm not exaggerating), so we knew that the coffee stuff would have to go somewhere else. The natural place for it was the office/dining room area, so here it resides! It's the perfect thing to fill up this otherwise empty wall and it's pretty, to boot. 

What I love most about it is that it was a total DIY. We gathered together all of the things we already owned (the shelving unit and wall shelves) and created it without having to buy anything specific to put it together. It could easily be recreated with similar things, even an old dresser as a countertop. I love the extra storage that the shelf unit provides and that we can put our pretty mugs on display. The top shelf is a bit too high to reach without a chair or stepladder, so that is merely used to hold my excess art and decorative things that tie the whole space together. 

I've shared the sources of known items, or similar items to what I have from years ago, below! 

Ikea shelves | Ikea shelf unit | Hobby Lobby Wall Art | Mug Rack was a gift



  1. This whole setup is so darling!!
    xo, Syd

  2. This is the sweetest set up for a coffee bar. I love it. Thank you for sharing :) Snagging some of these ideas.

  3. Random, but how is the Starbucks cold brew at home stuff? I'm curious to try it but haven't heard if it's as good as the real thing...

    1. I really like it, but it's my first time having cold brew, so I don't have much to compare it to!

  4. This is going to sound like a very generic comment but your coffee bar is AMAZING! I'm jealous!!!

  5. This is such a great setup! I love the idea of having a coffee bar, and can't wait to have the space to display my mug collection!

  6. I love this setup! I just have my Keurig & a basket full of different K-Cups on our kitchen counter.


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