About half of my week, I take the time to shower and pull myself together in the morning. The other half is spent in workout clothes, no makeup, hair in a messy bun. I make an effort to actually get to the gym at least three times a week, so having workout wear that is comfortable for long-wear and is functional for actual exercise is important to me. 

I exclusively wear these long tanks to workout in. The length is just long enough to cover my hiney, which I like to do when wearing leggings. They also have them in a regular length here. I have a nearly impossible time working out without music and find those armbands that hold your phone to be constricting, so these workout leggings with side pockets are exactly what I need! I wear them probably more than I should, but who's paying attention to that? 

I use my S'well bottle every time I go to the gym and love that it keeps my water nice and cold. When I'm not actually working out but still wearing workout clothes, I love having some kind of cardigan or sweater to wear if I'm running errands or doing something else. This one is similar to a favorite one of mine.

And now I feel like I should probably slip some of these clothes on and go to the gym!

Open-front Cardigan | Sports Bra | White Tank | Black Tank | Graphic Tank | Sneakers | Leggings | Water Bottle