Pastel Dreams


This is the kind of outfit that I love. I'm fairly allergic to pattern and definitely steer clear of anything bright or "look at me!". I typically don't wear a lot of color, unless you consider grey a color. However, I love a good pastel. There's something about a muted color that is just so darn pretty to me. And they're perfect for the days that I want to do something a little different than my usual black/white/grey outfit, but still want to feel like myself. Plus, is there anything prettier than multiple pastels mixed together? No, no there isn't.

On the days when I'm in the mood to wear a little bit of color, I figure why not go crazy and wear multiple? (Color-lovers out there are rolling their eyes and/or wondering how I've gotten this far in life). They pair well together and create a real good lookin' outfit, if you ask me.

And then there's the sweater jacket. Ohhh, the sweater jacket. Well, it's not really a jacket, but mine is thick enough that it can work as an outerwear layer. Possibly my favorite thing in my closet for Fall/Winter. This was a Target find last season, but I linked some great options above. 


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