Our Save the Date & Wedding Update

I have another wedding-related update for you today! Since we have almost all of our Save the Date’s sent out, I thought I would give you a little peek at what they look like. 

We ordered them from Minted and I was really happy with how they turned out. It was such a simple process – I just uploaded the photo, changed the names/date/location, and added a little ‘story of us’ to the back and that was it! I really enjoyed looking through all of the options and had a hard time narrowing it down to this one. I picked out a few that I really liked and asked for Mike’s opinion – he picked these! (This is not sponsored, by the way. We paid for the StD ourselves!)

The best thing about having the Save the Date’s done means that we have our guest list (pretty much) finalized! That has been the hardest thing, thus far. We want to keep it pretty small and intimate, but we also have the flexibility to accommodate a good amount of people, so it’s hard to know where to draw the line. But, I think we’ve found a good balance, so it feels real good to check that one off the list. 
Speaking of lists, I thought I’d share a monthly post with updates on wedding-related things – what we’ve accomplished, what still needs to be done, etc. I haven’t quite figured out just how many details I will be sharing, but I know that there are so many of you who have been following along during our relationship since the beginning, so I hope you’re interested in what’s happening now! 
What’s already done:
– We have our date! As you can see, we’re getting married in July of this year! 
– We have our venue! This was one of the first things that I wanted to get done, since we were working on a pretty short timeframe (getting engaged in November, to be getting married in summer 2017) and I think some of you will be really surprised to hear where it is 
– I have my dress! I’m thinking about doing a full post just on my dress shopping/buying experience…
– We have our photographer (and I am SO EXCITED). 
– We have asked our bridal party – I have four girls, he has five dudes standing beside him.
– Save the Date’s have been sent
What needs to be done:
– everything else 😉
What needs to be done next:
– Start nailing down vendors – DJ, catering, videographer, etc. 
– Honeymoon plans! We’re really hoping to do a European honeymoon, but are waiting to find out a few things before we can start planning…which is another life update that I will share, when the time is right! (Do you like the vagueness? Just trying to keep it interesting around here.)
– Nailing down the style, aesthetic, and feel for the day. I’m waffling a lot on colors and things, so I need to just spend a day on Pinterest and make a darn decision!
I’m already feeling like I’m running out of time, but we still have 6 months, so I know it’s all good. Every time we make another decision or check another thing off the list, I feel better, so it will be great to start getting some of the vendors and things like that. I’m so looking forward to seeing how it will all come together. I’m trying my best to fight any of the stress and anxiety that can come along with wedding planning because I want to enjoy this special time, as much as possible. 
Hopefully, in the next update, I’ll have some of those “needs to be done” put into the “already done” column. Wish us luck!

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  1. Good Luck!!! I had the same time frame as you (Nov-July) and got everything I wanted, I just had to work quicker than I thought!!! You're wedding will be beautiful!

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  2. Definitely enjoy the planning process/engagement as it will go by so quickly! When I was planning my wedding, I also struggled with color and aesthetics. It took me FOREVER to pick a color for my bridesmaids' dresses! Ultimately, don't let other people or trends sway you. Stay true to your own taste and preferences. Have fun!

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  3. Katrina wrote:

    So fun! We also had a short engagement but I would totally do it again. Excited to see what you choose for the overall aesthetic 🙂


    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  4. You still have time! So exciting to hear all of your updates!
    My timeline was Oct.-Sept. so I had a little more time. I felt so much better when things were off my plate, but everyone works in different ways!

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  5. Emilee wrote:

    My timeline is October to April, so I understand the pressures! To figure out what I liked I went on Pinterest and copy and pasted the pics I liked into a slideshow by category. From there it was fairly easy to see a theme emerging in each category:). It makes it a little less overwhelming to just look at flowers or dresses one at a time instead of trying to figure out everything at once. Hope that helps:)

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  6. Mallory wrote:

    Beautiful! Thanks for catching us up! I'm excited to continue following along and find out what your other "life update" is. 🙂

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  7. Kate wrote:

    I'm getting married in july also! and taking a euro-honeymoon, going to italy! congrats & good luck planning!

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  8. Danielle wrote:

    Congratulations to you both! You will be a beautiful bride 🙂

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  9. Hi Lauren! I've been following along for a while now and am SO excited for you and Mike. I see you still need a videographer! I'm in the wedding industry myself, and one of my favorites (and a friend!) is Evan with Theory Y Design. He has a heart for God and does AMAZING work! I highly recommend him! Here's his website: http://www.theoryydesign.com.

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  10. Anna Crump wrote:

    Hi Lauren! I am one of your "from the beginning" followers, actually have been following you since before Mike. I am so excited to follow along as you plan your wedding, too! My husband and I got married last July. The best piece of advice we received is to stop and make sure you take in moments throughout the whole day. When the officiant announces you husband and wife, before you walk down that aisle, take at least 5 seconds hand in hand to look at all of the happy, cheering, excited faces of the people who love the two of you and are so happy for you, and to look at each other. Take a mental photograph. I get teary eyed thinking back to this moment from our big day. Continue to take mental photographs throughout the night. It goes by so fast. We love thinking back on memories of our day. It is SUCH a joyous season! I wish you both the absolute best.
    – Anna

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  11. Check out @thebarebride for encouragement to release stress and focus on the heart during your engagement! 🙂

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  12. Love the simplicity of your STD's and even more I love the process of designing them and getting them ordered through Minted! Congrats again on your new adventure!

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  13. Marcia wrote:

    Congratulations! My husband and I did a low key wedding in Chicago. Best florist (2224 W. Chicago) did our flowers and it was a great deal! If you do photos in the park don't forget your permit. Best of luck!

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  14. Lauren wrote:

    We planned in the same amount of time and I'd argue it's perfect. It's short enough that the excitement remains from engagement to wedding day and long enough to get things accomplished without too much stress. Things got stressful towards the end, but list after list we got everything done! And the day was amazing. Wishing you the best.

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  15. Have so much fun Lauren with everything! We had a 6 month engagement on the dot and everything worked out so well and I am happy we kept it short. It is such a special season and marriage is so special!

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  16. Girl I get it! We got engaged on November 11 of 2016 and are getting married on June 11 of 2017. It is exactly 7 months to the day. Honestly, though, I think 7-8 months is the perfect time frame. We chose a venue that offered full service, which has helped with my stress levels, but even so, I think any longer and I'd go a little crazy! I'm just so stinkin' ready to marry him!

    Congrats – such a fun season in our lives 🙂

    Posted 1.19.17 Reply
  17. Congratulations on picking the date! One of my best friends recently got engaged and she's going through the exact same checklist that y'all have!


    Posted 1.20.17 Reply
  18. You'll be fine! I planned my In 6mo. But we didn't follow all the traditional wedding things either! I wore a bright pink dress and we wrote the ceremony ourselves with our good friend who ordained himself online!

    Posted 1.20.17 Reply
  19. We went on our honeymoon to Paris and Rome in 2015. I dream of the day we can go back! You'll have so much fun!

    Posted 1.20.17 Reply
  20. Unknown wrote:

    Hi Lauren, I´m sure we all would love to hear as many details as you are willing to share about your beautiful wedding day and the preparations. Love, Silvia (from Switzerland)

    Posted 1.20.17 Reply
  21. MelissaG wrote:

    I can't wait to see the "final product". You are so gorgeous and have such great taste…it'll be just beautiful!!!

    Posted 1.20.17 Reply
  22. The picture on the save the date is so gorgeous!

    Posted 1.20.17 Reply
  23. Love it! Congratulations! My engagement was way too long–2 years! So I think your time frame is much better. Good luck with the rest of your planning!


    Posted 1.21.17 Reply
  24. sarah wrote:

    Are you going to be talking about budget at all? We've been trying to save up the past 3 years we've been engaged, but we're nowhere near a decent budget amount (and we're having a very small wedding of less than 80 people). I'd love to hear your tips on that, especially since you're able to manage it all in 8 months!

    Posted 1.22.17 Reply
  25. Wow! What a lovely couple.I'm happy for the both of you Michael and Lauren. Congratulations in advance.

    Kevin Elwood

    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
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