Craving a Beach Getaway

Do you ever have those times in life where you think, “man, I really need a vacation.”

Yes, yes I do. That would be everyday of my life.

Ahh, yes. Of course. I can’t think of a single person that I know that would turn down a vacation. Although, I do know people who would prefer to stay home versus traveling. I would maybe put myself in that category because I’m such a homebody, but I do really enjoy a nice getaway and exploring new places. I like vacation, but I’m always anxious to get back home and back to my routine. I’m one of those.

However, at this very point in time, I would not say no to a little sunshine, relaxation, and maybe a little kiss from the sun to my skin (read: my skin is so fair). What happens to work out well is that I’m actually headed for South Carolina this weekend with my mom and sister for a little girl’s weekend – the last one just the 3 of us before I get married! So, my craving for warmth and sunshine is not totally benign – it’s greatly heightened due to the fact that I will have it in about 3 days. Hallelujah!


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