As a bride, one thing I was really looking forward to doing was putting together gifts for my bridesmaids. I love putting together a curated gift box like this (which also explains why all of these happened at Elisabeth Ashlie). Here's a look at what I put in their boxes:

+ one of my favorite lip balms
+ a fun sleep mask 
+ a champagne flute for mimosas the morning of
+ a zipper pouch to keep track of everything! (this one is so cute, too!)
+ a robe to wear all morning (love this one and this one)
+ their jewelry for the day (earrings, bracelet)

Other ideas for gifts to give your bridesmaids:
+ a cute coffee mug (might I suggest this one? 😏 )
+ nail polish (I put this in the box when I asked them to stand by me)
+ something sweet
+ a personalized piece of jewelry

Keep in mind, they're likely not expecting anything from you, so whatever you choose to gift them with will be fun and exciting! Don't put too much pressure on yourself to put together some elaborate gift - they're standing by your side because they love you and want to be there!