You know you had a good night's sleep when your wake-up call is the Fedex delivery man ringing your doorbell 🙈 I have to sign for a lot of packages that I receive, so I flew out of bed, threw a robe on, and met him at the door - I think I startled him with my very obvious not-yet-awake, bedhead self, but that's okay.

We have another semi-busy weekend ahead of us, but it should be fun! I don't care a lick about the actual football game to be played on Sunday, but I am very much looking forward to making some appetizers/snacks for us to enjoy. I'm hoping the commercials are good this year, too!

I popped into Aerie the other day to return a couple of items and, of course, couldn't leave empty-handed. This long sleeve-tee is so incredibly soft, I've been wearing it in the morning and evening with my sweats. If you happen to be in the market for a good t-shirt bra, this is a good one!

Mike and I enjoy watching a show together in the evenings, so we've been working our way through the popular series' the last few months. We've just started Fargo a couple days ago. I'm still undecided on it. Some episodes I really enjoy and others I actually fall asleep* while watching.

(*lesson learned: don't get horizontal on the couch between 7pm-9pm unless you want to fall asleep)

If you saw my Instastories yesterday, you know that we had a couple pizzas from our favorite place in Chicago delivered! A dear friend gifted me with a gift card to Tastes of Chicago (she knows me well!), so we cashed in on some pizzas and it was so worth it. Obviously, Lou Malnati's pizza is best fresh out of the oven in the restaurant, but they do a darn good job with the frozen, shipped version. It was close enough to the real deal that we'll definitely be ordering more!

I've been wearing these earrings non-stop lately.

Here's a pretty good dupe for my favorite weekender bag.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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