Happy Friday! I let myself sleep in a bit today (which was delightful), but now I feel like I'm already behind on the day. I guess I'd rather feel a little bit behind than tired all day, right?!

In case you missed it on Instagram yesterday, I shared that I just got these glasses and am giving them a try. Like many people, I spend a lot of hours a day looking at tech screens, both for work and for fun. I'm not at the point where I need a prescription, but I do experience a lot of eye fatigue and some trouble sleeping, so I want to give blue-light blocking a try! The glasses were inexpensive, so I figured that even in they didn't end up making much of a difference, it was a good first option. I'll share more in a week or two as to whether or not I think they make a difference. A lot of you reached out to my via DM to share your success stories, so I'm hopeful!

These sneakers are just so dang pretty! I love this style from the brand, too. I currently have two other colors in my closet, but these are tempting me.

I put together all of my purchases and picks for Spring from Old Navy in one place, here!

Can I wake up here tomorrow, please?

If you're looking for a show to watch this weekend, Mike and I are cruising through Manhunt on Netflix. It's about the search and capture of the Unabomber and is really well done!

I love March Madness, so I'm looking forward to watching more games today while I work! I'm in a couple bracket competitions, but not doing so hot 😅 I just like doing it for fun to test my prediction skills. Do you fill out a bracket?

I've been using this new (to me) mascara for the last week or so and really like it! I'm going to do a "new beauty buys" either here or on Instagram soon, which will include my thoughts on the mascara.

I'm pretty much planning on staying in this robe all day!

Hope you have a great weekend!