Happy Friday! Today is going to be a good day, for two reasons. First, it's Friday and that's always a step in the right direction. Second, it's supposed to get up to EIGHTY ENTIRE DEGREES today. EIGHT. ZERO. That's shorts weather, people. I can wear SHORTS today. Can you believe it? It's truly a Christmas miracle, only four months later. I'm thrilled to absolute pieces. It feels safe to say that many of us have suffered long enough with this never-ending winter, so sunshine and warm air is a delight.

Tomorrow morning, the first of my weekly outfit details email will go out! If you missed it on my instastory earlier this week, I'll be sending out an email one time a week, typically Saturday morning, which includes all details for shopping my Instagram photos from the previous week. I'll also include any sizing, fit, color information that I think you should know before buying something you see! If you're interested in receiving this one-time-a-week email, you can sign up here.

I'm heading out of town again this Sunday, this time to Florida! I'm meeting my mom in Orlando for a couple days for a little girls' trip. I'm looking forward to spending time with her and relaxing for a few days. Mike and I have been unusually busy the last month or so, with it not letting up for the foreseeable future, so I'm happy to take advantage of some downtime when I can.

I'm so tempted by these espadrille sneakers. So tempted. I don't have anything like it in my closet, but I just can't decide if I will get enough use out of them or not. I love that they're different!

Mike is on a mission to eat a bit better than we do now. In theory, I love the idea. While we don't eat particularly bad, we could definitely cut some things or swap out some things for healthier versions. For example, we don't need to always have ice cream in the freezer...because we will eat it and then I will buy more. Or we can get a side salad instead of fries when out to dinner. I'm all about it until it comes to meal planning and making a grocery list and then I collapse. I left him in charge of picking recipes for dinner this week and he did a great job! My favorite thing we ate were these teriyaki salmon bowls. They're going to become a staple meal for us. You could easily swap out for chicken or make it a vegetarian meal, too!

EA introduced two new curated boxes this week: The Beauty Babe Box and The Weekender Box. Don't forget to shop the curated Mother's Day collection, too!

Hope you have a great weekend!