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Hello and happy Friday! I missed sharing a coffee conversations post while we were in London last week, so I’m glad to be able to share some things today!

We returned Wednesday afternoon and, as of this morning, I’m back on a regular sleep schedule! We never have issues with jet lag when we’re going to our destination, but returning is a struggle. I’ve got a few post ideas in the works regarding international travel and things, which will include how we manage jet lag, so look for that in the coming weeks!

I’m the proud new owner of not one, but TWO one-piece bathing suits. This is a large victory for me. I love that one-piece suits are more of the trend these days because, in my opinion, they’re way more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about losing your top or bottom coming in or out of the water, you feel more covered in public, and you can easily slip on a pair of shorts over your suit and go! I’ve tried a variety of them on in stores and couldn’t ever find one that was long enough or covered enough of was actually comfortable…until now. I picked this one up before we left and it’s so cute! I actually bought both colors because I wanted to try them on at home. I’m keeping the green, for sure! I sized up to a medium and it fits great.

I also got this one in the mail yesterday. It’s a bit more fun and trendy, with the cutouts and the shape. I ordered it in a medium tall, which I think is the key to it fitting how I want it to. There’s a tiny bit of gapping between my ribcage and the fabric where the cutout is, but it doesn’t ride up my backside or pull strangely around my upper hips, so I’ll take it! The striped version is SO cute!

I shared on Instastories that I was cleaning our house the day we left, since there’s nothing better than returning home to a clean house. I was using this and received quite a few questions about it. Hands down, some of the best money I’ve spent on non-decor, home-related things. I was able to order it during a Black Friday sale for even cheaper, but man I would pay full price for it! It’s a great option for bathrooms, cleaning out your car (it shortens), kitchen floors, you name it!

This “facial in a bottle” is actually pretty great. I was skeptical that it could be as good as the reviews say it is, but I’m a believer. I’ve used it twice now and had great results! I can feel it working as soon as I put it on my skin. Once I wash it off, my skin feels cleaner and softer, looks brighter and even takes my makeup better. I’m becoming a Drunk Elephant convert, slowly but surely!

Anthropologie has 20% off full-price Home this weekend! The sale includes our lumbar pillow, shams and my favorite mug.

I wore these sneakers nearly everyday of our trip! They’re one of the only pair of shoes I’ve ever purchased that I haven’t gotten some sort of blister or irritation from at all. I wore them to walk hours each day and they were super comfortable. The little holes make them nicely breathable, so if you get hot feet walking a lot like me, these are great! I’m seriously considering the pink pair, since I know how much I love them! (FYI they clean up easily too – any scuff marks were wiped away with a damp wash cloth)

Coming up next week:
All About Our Time in London and Amsterdam
What I Wore in London and Amsterdam

Have a great weekend!

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