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It’s a chilly and rainy Friday morning in Northern Virginia today. Normally, I’d be a little bummed out because by Friday, I’m a little stir crazy and anxious to at least go out to dinner. This week has been busier than a normal work week, so I’m welcoming the perfect excuse to stay in and order pizza tonight!

Speaking of rain, we got our hands on a few tickets to the Washington Nationals game on Wednesday evening, so we went with a couple of our friends. Mike and I haven’t been to a game yet, and while I don’t particularly love watching baseball, I was excited about going into the city and, of course, ballpark food. About 10 minutes after we made our way into the ballpark, it started to rain. And then it never stopped. We ate some food, waited out the rain for about an hour and then went to a local restaurant to get the most out of our time! It wasn’t how we imagined the evening going (they did start playing again around 11pm…to a mostly empty stadium 🙈), but we still had fun with our friends!

Anthropologie is running their tag sale this weekend, which means a ton of items are up to 50% off! I rounded up my favorites here.

I’m stepping into the world of the Amazon Kindle. I read nearly every night on my iPad mini, which works perfectly fine and good. However, during the summer when I’m outside at the pool, on the beach, or just enjoying the weather, the glare can be too strong and I can’t even read the words. So, I just ordered a Kindle to be delivered next week. I’m not really sure why I waited so long, but I’m excited to start using it! And it will come just in time for our trip to the beach with our friends!

I added a paw print stamp as an option for the personalized necklaces at EA. So now you can show some love to your pet with a cute necklace!

The Summer Surprise Box is now available!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. That photo makes me wish I wasn’t at the office! And I used to love going to nats games when I lived in VA. Miss that!

    Kim .. a quiet Golden Gate Bridge spot!

    Posted 6.22.18 Reply
  2. You'll love the kindle! It's so lightweight and you can read ANYWHERE without glare! Love mine!!
    Design by Sydnee

    Posted 6.22.18 Reply
  3. I love my Kindle! I used to do the iPad thing too, but like you said the glare made it impossible to read with sunglasses on or in full sun. I always have my Kindle with me for my pool or the beach!

    Posted 6.22.18 Reply
  4. I've been wanting to hop on the kindle train too. I'm excited to hear how you continue to like it! I've got a long list of books I want to get through this summer. Also, I dont love going to sporting events either but I did like going to the Pirates games when I lived in Pittsburgh. The food at that stadium was always SO GOOD. Ha!

    XO, sincerelycolleen

    Posted 6.22.18 Reply
  5. Where is your throw blanket from? It looks so cozy

    Posted 6.25.18 Reply
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    Posted 6.27.18 Reply

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