Travel Essentials for a Long Flight

Neck PillowThis is a must-have for setting yourself up for the most decent sleep you can get on the plane. I used this exact pillow on our 15 hours of flying time (roundtrip) and it was great! The way that it’s made, it can double up to add extra support to your neck or chin, depending on the position you prefer.
On-Ear Headphones I prefer on-ear headphones for comfort and sound quality. I usually end up watching a couple of movies, so having a pair of headphones that work well for that makes a big difference! (budget-friendly option)
Sleep Mask • As a very light sleeper, using a mask at night has greatly improved my sleep! While a lot of overnight flights will have the window coverings pulled and the lights in the cabin dimmed for sleep, you never know if your row partner will be the one who likes to open the window as soon as they wake up and shine all the bright light in. Having a sleep mask with me is the only way I know I can get at least a little bit of decent sleep! (budget-friendly option)
SlippersMy feet always get very cold on planes, so you’ll never see me walk onto an airplane in sandals. I like to bring a pair of soft, fuzzy socks for these long flights for extra comfort and warmth. When it comes time to use the bathroom, I don’t want to mess with taking my big socks off, putting my thin socks back on, putting my sneakers on, etc., so bringing a pair of cheap flip flops or disposable slippers is the easiest way! Just slide them on to use the restroom – hassle-free!
Compact Portable ChargerAll the flights we’ve been on have had power outlets available at the seats, but in case it’s not working or is being used by another passenger, I like to have a back up power option to make sure my phone is fully charged before we land.
iPad and SleeveI like to download new books I want to read, episodes of the show that we’re watching, and a few puzzle-type games, like Sudoku. The international flights we’ve been on have had plenty of options for movies, shows, and games, so this came especially in handy on our train ride.
Lightweight ScarfBack to being freezing on planes, a lightweight scarf is another thing I like to have on me. Not only for the function of keeping me warm, but I like to wrap my neck up for a little extra coziness before sleep.
International Travel AdapterThis one is pretty self-explanatory! While the flights we’ve been on have had USB plugs to charge things like your phone, an adapter is necessary if you have larger electronics with a standard plug. I’ve also used this adapter in all of our hotel rooms to plug in my blow dryer and hair tools and it’s worked great!
USB CableI always travel with a few backup cords – I’d hate to have to buy a replacement when I have 5+ laying around at home!
BackpackMakes carrying things with super easy! It’s comfortable to walk around with and I can use it during the trip for any excursions, day trips, etc. (budget-friendly option)
Water BottleI like to fill it up just before we board, so that I have access to water whenever I need it. Plus, I like to carry it around with me when we’re on long days of exploring wherever we’re traveling to!
RXBAR Protein Bar • I like to pack a few of my own snacks because I’m never quite sure what the options will be! Something like protein bars, almonds, or trail mix is usually my go-to.
Lip MaskThe dryness in-flight is real. I like to keep my lips very hydrated!
Hand CreamI tend to wash my hands a lot, especially when I’m in public spaces, so they get quite dry. Compound that with airplane air, those suckers get very dry by time we land.
Skin SerumI don’t wear makeup on a long flight, so I like to have some sort of serum or concentrate to apply midway through and as we’re nearing our destination. It refreshes my skin and replenishes the moisture that has been sucked out while traveling.
Zip PouchI like to bring along a little toiletry bag on the plane for things like makeup remover wipes, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, and the like.


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How I Beat Jet Lag
Everyone reacts to time changes differently, just like everyone reacts to lack of/poor sleep differently.  Both Mike and I like our sleep. We’re better people when we have gotten adequate, quality sleep. Knowing this, we put sleep over nearly everything else when it comes to traveling. We’ve found a routine that works really well for us when it comes to acclimating to a new time zone, and it includes taking a nap.
LISTEN. I know that there are a large number of people out there that subscribe to the idea that the worst possible thing you could do when traveling with a time change like that is to take a nap. Before we went to Europe last year, we were told that, no matter what, at all costs, do not go to sleep when you arrive at your hotel. We flew overnight, landed around 9 or 10am local time, made our way to out hotel, arrived in our room around noon or 1pm, looked at our bed, and promptly crawled in. We were zombies. As excited as we were to be in Paris, it literally hurt to blink, we were that tired. Knowing ourselves and how we function, we set our alarms for 2.5 hours and fell asleep before our heads hit the pillows. The alarm went off, we woke up easily and headed out to enjoy where we were! That night, we were able to stay awake until about 9 or 10pm and woke up at a normal time the next morning.
Knowing our success that time, we tried that again with traveling to London and it worked like a charm. We were able to get a couple hours of real, deep sleep – just enough to rally for 6-8 more hours of the day and then sleep through the night. If you like sleep like us and you have the willpower to wake up from a nap like that, then I say you take that nap. If you know yourself well enough to know that you would keep sleeping for 6 hours and then be totally off your sleep schedule, get a few shots of espresso in you and get outdoors. Walking around, seeing the things you’re excited to see and do, and exploring the place you’ve been anxious to arrive in should keep you energized enough to make it to bedtime. Do what works for you and makes you feel human again! (But seriously, don’t be afraid to nap.)

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  1. I’m the person that will snooze my nap for hours hahah.. my husband always naps but I always try to stick it out. I totally agree with a scarf too! I use it as a blanket!

    Kim .. wrap skirt!

    Posted 6.20.18 Reply
  2. Daria EDU wrote:

    Your blog is always like a breath of fresh air!
    Thank you so much for sharing, girl. You are truly amazing and inspirational.
    Keep it up <3 and have an awesome week.


    Posted 6.20.18 Reply

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