What To Do When You’re in a Style Rut

I would say that I know my personal style pretty well. I know what I like to wear and what I feel good in, which is my definition of “personal style”. If you laid out a bunch of different outfits in front of me, I feel confident that I would be able to choose the one or few that look most like me. Spoiler alert: they would contain jeans, neutrals, and soft things. My closet reflects my style really well – I try not to buy things that I can’t think of more than one way to wear. I don’t push myself much outside of my comfort zone because I know myself enough to recognize that I likely will not wear said thing. What I’m getting at: I know myself and I know what I like. And yet I still get into “style ruts” where I feel like I have nothing to wear or I’m bored of my options. If you ever find yourself on one of those days where you try on several different outfits and don’t like anything or feel good in anything you’re putting on, I’ve got some tips for you!


This is the first thing that I will do on those days/during those times where I’m feeling very “blah” about my closet and my options. My first stop is always Pinterest. I’ll either look at my own “style” board of images that I’ve pinned in the past, or I’ll type in a keyword in the search bar to find something. 8 times out of 10, I’ll find an image that inspires me to use something in my closet in a different way or try something I haven’t yet and it will work.

If Pinterest doesn’t do the trick, I’ll scroll through my Instagram feed! I follow a good number of other style bloggers, so I’ll see if one of them is wearing an outfit that strikes me. If so, I’ll figure out how and I can create something similar with what I have. Even when I’m not in a rut, I’ll bookmark the outfits that I see and really like so that I have something to reference back to when I inevitably feel like I have nothing to wear again (which couldn’t be farther from the truth, but you know what I mean).


Another thing I will do is simplify things. If I’m trying hard to create new outfits or mix things up and it’s just not working, I’ll just go back to my “default”. For me, that means neutral, simple outfits. A pair of jeans, a top and a cardigan, or an all-black outfit, or leggings and a tunic. A really good way to snap out of feeling like I have nothing to wear or don’t like what I have to choose from is to wear an outfit that I always feel good in and that feels very me. It may be boring or something I’ve worn a handful of times already, but the ultimate goal is to feel good and like what I’m in, so it’s okay to be boring sometimes.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, another tactic would be to try something new. Whether it’s a trend you’ve admired but haven’t tried yet, a pattern mixing you’ve been hesitant to do, or a color combination you’re a little afraid of, just try it! I will say again: personal style is personal. Wear what you like and feel good in. Period.┬áIf you’ve never tried a front-tuck with your top but have wanted to, try it. If you have a pair of flare jeans you want to wear but fear that they’re “not trendy enough”, wear them! Change things up and go for it! The worst thing that will happen is you won’t like your outfit, which isn’t such a bad thing. It can inspire creativity and make you look at your closet and clothes in a new light.

For me, this is usually manifested in styling a piece in a totally new way. I’ll tuck in a button-up top and wear pointed toe flats and a faux leather jacket, going for a much more structured look than my usual. Or I’ll throw a knotted tee on over a lightweight dress to mimic a sleeved-dress. It’s all about getting creative and outside of the box a bit.

When trying one (or all) of these options, you’re bound to find an outfit that you feel good in.

For all the details on my closet system, read this post!

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  1. Sophie wrote:

    Amazing inspiration for a humble capsule wardrobe curated with a handful of stylish, quality pieces. I have your closet pics saved as inspo. Thanks!

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply

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