A Look Inside Our Guest Bathroom

I shared a bit about our “facelift” project that we did on our guest bathroom on Instagram Stories last fall, but haven’t formally introduced you to the space yet! It’s a simple bathroom with mid-90’s, builder-grade features, like the medicine cabinet and low vanity, but it gets the job done for guests. Since we’re not going to be doing any sort of renovation to it, it’s been nice to customize it a bit with some paint and dec√≥r. No matter how many rooms I decorate, I’ll never tire of the transformation that can come out of adding a few pieces to a space! This bathroom went from boring and simple, to cozy and welcoming, which is exactly how we want our guests to feel when they’re here.

I shared a bit about decorating within a theme or style in my recent post about our guest bedroom. For this bathroom, I followed those same principles using the Shop By Style page on Walmart.com. While I love the challenge that can come from shopping at several retailers to put a room together, I’ve found that shopping this way is super easy, convenient, and nearly fool-proof! They’ve gone ahead and done the work for you, determining which items pair well together in a room, so it’s just up to you to pick out your favorite things. As with other home decor items I’ve purchased from Walmart, I was impressed with the quality of everything I picked out at such an affordable price!


While the bathroom is a pretty decent size, I wanted to be sure to add light, airy, and soft colors and textures to keep the room feeling open and as big as possible. I knew I didn’t want to add a bunch of art to the walls, so adding in some texture with the shower curtain, rugs, and towels was an easy way to add interest and movement without adding competing elements. They flow together well without matching, which makes it look effortless!

Featured: soap dispenser, toothbrush holder

I like to put out a few “essentials” that a guest may need, like q-tips, a toothbrush, makeup remover, and the like. It’s always a bummer to be getting ready for bed at someone else’s home and realize you forgot to pack toothpaste! Putting these things in a cute little basket or holder, like this, is a fun way to display them for your guest to see when he or she enters the bathroom.

We have one guest, in particular, that takes a bath nearly every night of her life (hi, mom!), so I though it would be fun to create a little soaking area for her (and others)! A simple bath tray with a few accessories will do – like bubble bath, a candle, and your favorite scrub.

Featured: wall art

As far as art in the bathroom goes, it’s one of the few rooms that I like to do a completely themed piece, like this cute Hot Bath art. I love that it blends in perfectly with our color palette and is a fun, vintage looking piece.

The most important element to decorating any room is putting your personal touch on it. Whether that’s a floral arrangement of your favorite flowers, a little trinket that reminds you of a time in your childhood, or just a piece of decor that you fell in love with, decorating with these things will help you to create a home you love!

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

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