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Good Morning and Happy Friday! My mom and sister arrive this afternoon for a visit, so I’ve been looking forward to today! Per usual, we have a list of things we’re hoping to do together that’s about 3 pages too long, so we’ll be busy. 
Can we take a second to talk about how we’re only ONE WEEK away from Black Friday? That is crazy! That is usually my busiest weekend for Elisabeth Ashlie, so I’m simultaneously excited and terrified for its arrival 😂 I don’t usually shop all that much that weekend, but I’m going to try to think through gifting this week, so that I can be strategic about it. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed with all of the sales and stores and everything that I just avoid it completely! 
This perfect swacket (sweatshirt jacket) arrived yesterday and I can’t wait to wear it this weekend. It’s a great option for when you want to be warm and comfortable, but also look put together. The structure of the fabric holds up well without looking frumpy. (Fit is true to size) 
I tried one of my new polishes from Essie last night and love how it turned out. I opted for this color and it’s perfect — almost black, but reflects the plum in certain lighting. It’s really pretty.
I’ve been out of the habit of wearing a watch, but this beauty may change my ways. 
I tried this new recipe for dinner this week and it was delicious! I added some stir-fried veggies to our bowls, too. 
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Hope you have a great weekend! 

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  1. 11.17.17

    I can't believe black friday is in one week! I'm launching my boutique that day, and it's going to be insaneee. Good luck 🙂

    Kim .. Winter Blues & a GIVEAWAY for Black Friday!