My Go-To Nail Colors for the Season

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It’s a very rare occasion that I have bare nails. Having my nails polished is similar to doing a little something with my hair in the morning, even if I don’t intend on leaving the house or seeing anyone that day. I just feel better when I’ve done a little something to pull myself together upon getting out of bed. It’s the same with having nail polish on – I feel undone with bare nails! I’ve been doing my own manicures since I can remember (blog post on my routine coming soon!), so I’ve had a lot of experience to narrow down the colors that I love and keep going back to. By the way, the only line of polishes that lasts on my nails for more than a day is the Essie Gel Couture Collection.

For the fall and winter months, these are my go-to shades:

A classic red – I don’t do red a ton, but I love a red nail around the holidays! It’s festive and adds a nice pop to my very neutral wardrobe. My favorite shade: Rock the Runway

A soft pink – If you’re a sucker for a pink nail like me, you don’t have give it up for the colder months! I like to do a pink with purple or grey undertones, something a bit richer than a blush or pale pink I would do in the summer. My favorite shade: Touch Up

A subtle shimmer – Another one I won’t do often, but love for holiday parties or if I’m feeling particularly festive! My favorite shade: Hang Up The Heels

A neutral grey – An obvious choice for me! I like a grey with some taupe or mauve undertones for an added layer of color and dimension. My favorite shades: Take Me To Thread and First Impression

A navy blue – This is probably my most commonly worn color this time of year. I love that it’s near-black without the harshness of a jet black nail. My favorite shade: Caviar Bar

color details

Do you switch up your go-to colors seasonally, or tend to go for the same options no matter the time of year?

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  1. 10.25.19

    I love the grey combo! I rarely paint my nails, but I think I might start. I’ve been looking for some relaxation rituals because I’m not very good at self-care and a regular self-mani sounds really nice.