Styling Your Home with Faux Plants

I’ve shared before that I’m one of this people with a black thumb. In fact, I was recently talking to Mike about adding a few things to our landscaping, to which he asking, “just picking out your next victim, huh?!” The struggle to keep plants alive is very real for me and I’m okay with it. Even the easiest plant in the world, like a succulent, will fall victim to me. The root of the problem is that I just don’t care enough to keep a real plant alive, no matter how easy. Because of that, I’ve become quite the faux plant connoisseur. I love what a plant adds to a room or a vignette. I like that they add texture and color and can instantly make a space feel more homey. Plants are probably the first thing I go to when initially decorating a space!

If you’re like me and can’t or don’t want to fuss with keeping a real plant alive, I’ve got a few options for great looking artificial ones:

Palm Tree | Trio of Small Plants | Potted Snake Plant | Small Lemon Arrangement | Boston Fern | Lemon Tree | Olive Tree | Small Eucalyptus | Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Basket | Potted Succulent | Fiddle Leaf Fig in Planter

Artificial plants have gotten so much more realistic looking over the last couple years, so sometimes you can’t even tell that they’re not alive! I’ve had some great luck with faux plants from Ikea and Home Goods, as well as the sources linked to above.

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