Thoughtful Gifts to Give This Christmas

Instead of a frantic run to Walmart or CVS for whatever gift cards are left in stock, consider offering something different this Christmas! My assistant, Chelsea, and I put together this list of thoughtful gifts to give this season, in case you’re still stumped or needing to shop at the last minute.

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  • for loved ones that are local, dropping off their favorite take out meal, dessert, or an afternoon pick-me-up Starbucks on their doorstep
  •  a Home Chef (or other meal kit delivery service) gift card. Chelsea sends her mom boxes when she has a busy week, which is such a nice way to alleviate a to-do list a bit!
  • donate to a charity on someone else’s behalf – a perfect option for the person who truly has everything and doesn’t want a gift. Chelsea does this every year as part of a gift for her aunt and uncle, since they literally have everything they could want and have charities that are near and dear to their hearts. Such a good way to give back, especially this year!
  • frame a family-favorite recipe – you could either frame the original (in great grandma’s handwriting) or have a canvas or other piece of art made by an Etsy seller or talented friend.
  • help organize old photos and momentos – scan photos and get them all on hard drives, organize important keepsakes in different bins, and more! This is also a fun way to hear all the stories behind the things that were kept.
  • send a Homesick candle – a sweet gesture for someone who can’t make it home this year.
  • help with a home project – either hire it out or offer your own time and effort. This would be a good gift for someone close to you, like a parent or grandparent, whose mentioned needing to get something around the house done, like pressure washing or replacing hard-to-reach lightbulbs.
  • an airbnb (or other travel) gift card – for the person who is really missing traveling or likes experiences as gifts. This allows them to choose a place they feel comfortable traveling (they have lots of drive-able options), if they’re looking to change up their scene a bit this spring!
  • offer to babysit. This is a great option for the people in “your circle” right now. My sister and I regularly sit at each other’s houses at night so that the other can go out, even if just to eat some carry-out food in their car. It’s just a couple hours of your time, but may mean so much more to the recipient!

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