My Skincare Routine

Let’s talk about skincare. When it comes to the beauty category, I’d take skincare over makeup any day. I enjoy trying new makeup products and wearing makeup, but I wouldn’t want to go without my skincare. For me, it’s extremely important to have good skin. Not only do I want to take care of it because I’m stuck with it for life, but it also helps me to feel confident on my no-makeup days. For years, I would use a makeup wipe to take my makeup off, maybe give my skin a rinse with water, and call it a day. I’m happy to say that I’ve come a long way in not only taking care of my skin, but in helping it to be the best it can be! While my genetics certainly play a role in good skin, I can confidently say that using the right products plays a large role in it.

One of my top skincare tips is to always, always, always remove your makeup at the end of the day. I haven’t slept in makeup, even just a little bit of concealer, in years. Whatever you do, take that makeup off before you go to bed! Even better: properly cleanse your skin and feed it with some good products to help promote brightness, moisture, and whatever else you want.

Since I love skincare, I do tend to try out new products often. This is obviously not required, but you’ll see that there’s a wide variety included here. The most important part of having a good skincare routine is finding products that work for you. If those products all come from the drugstore, great! If they all come from Sephora or are clinical strength, great! All that matters is that you find the combination that your skin loves.

The key to a good skincare routine is applying products in the correct order. There are lots of resources for this that go into much greater detail, but here’s the order that I use:

On a typical day, my morning routine is: cleanse, tone, vitamin c serum, and this moisturizer with sunscreen*. My night routine is: cleanse, tone, night serum, moisturizer or HA serum, and eye cream. As I’m writing this, I’m remembering that eye cream should go after toner, so do that instead.

*In the summer, I apply a sunscreen on top of a moisturizer with sunscreen.

Like I said previously, I have quite a few products that I cycle through and like. Here’s a look at some of my favorite ones in each category:







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  1. 1.12.21
    Melissa said:

    What color do you use in the Becca corrective under eye brightened?

  2. 1.13.21
    Heidi said:

    Do you do one serum a night? I’ve seen people use multiple at a time and wonder if there what to do first.

    • 1.13.21
      Lauren said:

      I only use the one that I included in this post!

  3. 2.22.21
    Heather Robertson said:

    So many fun products! I’ve been using the Rodan and Fields line for about 5 years. It was great at first, but I need a change. My skin doesn’t do well with drastic change (CA sun worshipper). What 3 products would you start with first?