My Review of the MYX II Bike

Any time I share or talk about my MYX Fitness bike on Instagram, I have follow-up questions about a full review of the bike and my experience, so here we are!

I got the first generation of the MYX bike in March of 2021, then was given the MYX II in September of 2021. I still have and use the MYX II (and was able to give my original bike to a friend to use!). I have the MYX II Plus, which comes with the weight set, foam roller, exercise mat and more. If you’re going to be getting the MYX bike, I highly recommend getting the full suite of products with the MYX II Plus, so that you have all the equipment you’ll need for all of the workouts.

I was never a “workout at home” person prior to the pandemic and becoming a mom. Even still, I like the energy of going to a gym or a workout class and being around other people. However, that wasn’t an option for me in 2020, so I had to start looking into at-home options. I was originally considering a Peloton. My sister has and loves her Peloton, so that was an obvious consideration for me. I was close to biting the bullet and ordering it, but had a hard time spending so much money on something I wasn’t certain I would use. Then I found the MYX bike in my searching. It had a lot of what I was looking for at a better price point. I still couldn’t bring myself to do it, though! So, I ended up purchasing this Sunny Health bike and using the Peloton app via an iPad for working out. It worked great for what it was – no frills, no extras, but affordable and got the job done. I utilized that for several months and it worked just fine, but I did find myself missing out on some of the extras you get with built-in software to a bike. I couldn’t track my output or know my exact resistance on the Sunny bike, which are two things that the Peloton classes call out quite a bit. While you can still get a good workout the way I had it setup, I was finally feeling like I could justify buying an all-in-one bike because I now knew that I would use it!

Cut to getting my bike! From the first ride, I could tell that I was going to enjoy having it! The MYX II bike comes with a cadence sensor, which allows you to follow along a bit more easily with what the instructors call out. The swivel screen makes it very easy to do mat workouts just beside your bike. I really like that the focus is on your own heart rate zones. I feel like I’m working one-on-one with a trainer to do what is good for my body, versus a one-size-fits-all workout. Plus, it’s nice to be able to visually see how I’m pushing myself! I like doing a 20-minute ride and then a 10-minute weights class — it’s a great workout! The instructors are encouraging and positive, but also push me to work hard and challenge my body. There is so much content available via the bike! With Openfit, there are all kinds of workouts, challenges, and more. Everyone can find something that they will be excited about!

Overall, I’m very happy with the bike! It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s a great option for workout out at home. While I wouldn’t choose cycling as my number one favorite workout, it’s been very nice to have a cardio option at home and I’ve grown to enjoy the workout itself. I still love a good stair master session at the gym, but I like always having the option to exercise at home.

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My bike and equipment were gifted to me by MYX Fitness as part of a partnership in 2021. While I have an ongoing relationship with the brand, this post is not sponsored or written in partnership with them.

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  1. 2.15.22
    Jenny Arellano said:

    I think I am finally getting a MYX 🙂 Will you be getting a new code soon?

    • 2.16.22
      Lauren said:

      I don’t currently know of a new code that I’ll be getting, but it’s possible!

  2. 3.15.22
    Caitlin said:

    Hi!! Where is your lucite table from? Perfect size! 🙂

    • 3.16.22
      Lauren said:

      It’s about 5 years old from Target!